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At Lovelace Family Dentistry, we are committed to the highest standard of care for all our patients; this is why we use digital X-rays instead of traditional X-rays. The radiation from any X-ray is cumulative; it's important to minimize exposure whenever possible. With digital X-rays, the amount of damaging radiation exposure is reduced by a staggering 90%. Digital X-rays are not only safer but more comfortable to have taken. Most people remember having a heavy, lead apron draped over them to protect the rest of the body from radiation that can lead to cellular damage while taking standard X-rays. With digital X-rays, the apron is a relic of the past.


Why do dentists take X-rays?

X-rays are critical to monitoring your oral health; they allow the dentist to examine your teeth and gums thoroughly. X-rays assist in the early detection of cavities and uncover issues such as impacted wisdom teeth and other problems with oral health that are not easily identified by a visual exam alone. The dentist will determine the timing and frequency of X-rays. A new dentist will take X-rays when establishing care.
The safer digital X-ray also comes with improved clarity. Traditional X-rays are limited to approximately 25 shades of gray from which they compile an image. Digital X-rays have an impressive 256 shades to pull from, resulting in a far more detailed picture to assess your oral health accurately. Digital X-rays allow easier access to all areas of your mouth and can produce a streamlined view of the entire oral structure. The dentist can further enhance the images by using specific computer programs; digital X-rays are clearly the best choice for diagnostic images in modern dentistry.

Intraoral Photos

In addition to digital X-rays, our dentist uses intraoral photos to get a better picture of the status of your oral health. The camera itself is tiny, about the size of a thick marker. Connected to the camera is a bright light that illuminates even the darkest corners of your mouth to get the best view of your teeth and gums. One of the biggest perks of the dentist using an intraoral camera is that you can view the pictures too. Images captured of your mouth are sent through a cable to a monitor next to the dental chair, allowing you to understand better the conditions the dentist is addressing. With the intraoral camera, your teeth and gums can be seen in a way never before possible.

Before & Afters

Before and after photos are an exceptionally motivating tool to achieve and maintain dental health. Having your damged tooth restored and looing better than ever makes a dramatic cosmetic difference, especially when you see the improvement from the inside! Intraoral cameras also allow the dentist to closely monitor previous restoration work to ensure it is in good condition. Overall, the intraoral camera is a critical tool to aid in keeping your oral health picture perfect.

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