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What’s the deal with dentures today? Does anybody use them anymore? Have there been any changes to them since Grandpa and Grandma wore dentures? The answers may surprise you.



The universal goal of both dentist and patient is to retain natural teeth if they are salvageable. Unfortunately, restoring natural teeth is not always possible due to various circumstances; sports injuries, auto accidents, and severe chronic dental problems are common reasons to need teeth replacement. Even certain health conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and gastric reflux can contribute to tooth loss. However, hope is not lost; once missing teeth are replaced with dentures, the ability to speak, chew and smile without functional issues or embarrassment is restored.

Dentures are nothing new; they have fulfilled the need to replace missing teeth for hundreds of years. Modern dentures have seen vast improvements from your grandparents' false teeth in comfort and appearance. The materials used to make dentures have been improved to be lighter, more durable, and more natural looking while also providing a substantially better fit. These changes allow the modern denture wearer to feel confident and comfortable with their new pearly whites.

Types of Dentures

Several types of dentures are available; the dentist will work with you to determine which style best suits your needs, goals, and budget. The cost-effectiveness of dentures combined with the much lower risk of complications makes them an excellent choice for patients who wish to avoid the more invasive surgical procedures required for dental implants. Getting dentures is also relatively quick versus the time involved for dental implants, which can take up to a year from the beginning of treatment to final installation. A full set of dentures can be yours in weeks, not months.

  • Traditional Full Dentures, as the name implies, are designed to replace all the teeth on either the top or bottom row or sometimes on both. Complete dentures are expertly crafted for a superior fit to sit comfortably and securely on the top of your gums. This type of denture is removable and an excellent choice when you need to replace all of your teeth due to severe chronic dental problems or trauma.

Full dentures are made by first taking an impression of the mouth for the dentist to create a mold using a material known as dental stone for the cast. The dentist will have generic sets of dentures for you to try to help perfect the fit of your new custom dentures. The dentist will work with you making selections regarding color and size of choices, and then everything is sent to the dental lab where your dentures will be perfected. It is common for the dentist to have you come in for final approval of the new dentures before the final touches are done.

The customized dentures require your gums to heal from tooth extractions before placement, which may take eight to twelve weeks. In the meantime, the dentist will provide you with pre-designed immediate dentures until your full custom set of dentures is ready to take their place.

  • Removable Partial Dentures are designed to replace from one to several missing teeth in the same area. Partials are constructed with a pink, gum-colored base to which the replacement teeth are attached, supported by a metal framework. The partial denture appliance is anchored by the metal framework to the natural teeth next to it to provide stability. Partial dentures serve an essential function by keeping the remaining natural teeth from shifting, leading to further complications. Partials are removable and blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth when crafted by a talented dentist like Dr. Lovelace.

  • Hybrid Dentures are full dentures that the dentist attaches onto implant posts. There are typically four posts for the upper and four for the lower row of teeth. These dentures are not removable by the patient, and it should be noted that not all patients are good candidates for this type of dental hardware. Hybrid dentures are not removable except by the dentist, and it should be noted that not all patients are good candidates for this type of dental hardware. Hybrid dentures bring many of the benefits of implants but are considerably less expensive than full mouth implants making hybrid dentures an economical choice to restore oral health and function.

As you can see, there are many choices when restoring your teeth. Call Lovelace Family Dentistry to make an appointment for a full assessment of your particular needs and what solutions will be best for you. We are always happy to answer any questions.

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