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Welcome to Lovelace Family Dentistry! We strive to give all of our patients the most comfortable dental experience possible. From the moment you enter our office doors, the attention to detail to make your visit pleasant is evident, from our welcoming waiting area and friendly front office staff to our experienced, competent, compassionate, and caring dental treatment team.

We understand that a visit to the dentist for many people can be an event with anxiety associated with it. Our mission is to change that perception one happy, calm, and comfortable patient at a time; this mission is precisely why we practice Gentle Dentistry.


What is Gentle Dentistry, and how can it help my loved ones and me have better dental experiences?

Gentle Dentistry was created in response to people with anxiety or fear around seeking dental care. Gentle Dentistry providers realized that this fear prevented patients from paying attention to their oral health, which is also critical to their overall health. If you struggle with dental anxiety, you should know you are not alone; studies estimate that approximately 60% of patients experience dental anxiety. The first step to overcoming this concern is to meet with our specially trained Gentle Dentist. We will explore what is causing this anxiety and discuss the options available to best reduce your fear. Many general health issues are made worse by poor dental health. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are just a few health issues related to a lack of proper dental care. Early detection of oral health problems is vital for effective treatment and optimal results.

Main Focus

Gentle Dentistry practitioners focus on alleviating fear and anxiety from gentle, professional cleaning and routine checkups to procedures necessary to correct and maintain dental health. We offer state-of-the-art dental treatments for all patients, from your child's first visit to grandma and grandpa's dental needs.

Many people with dental anxiety simply put off dental visits until they find themselves in the unfortunate situation of a dental emergency. The best way to ensure your teeth are in tip-top shape is to have regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. These critical appointments allow problems to be detected when they begin so that the dentist can provide treatment and restore dental health. Most dental issues respond well to early intervention. When dental problems are not addressed promptly, the damage progresses and can lead to more invasive treatments being required and ultimately to tooth loss. With dental health, the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure definitely holds true. With Gentle Dentistry at Lovelace Family Dentistry, you never have to let dental anxiety stand in the way of your dental health again.

Serving Multiple Generations

At Lovelace Family Dentistry, we are proud to serve multiple generations. Not only is this convenient for a busy family schedule, but it also allows patients to set an excellent example for younger children. A child who sees a comfortable parent at the dentist is far more likely to become a patient comfortable with dental visits themselves. Building a lifetime of good dental health practices starts in childhood. With a family dentist, you have the added benefit of a well-established relationship with a dentist who knows your child. This long-term professional relationship strengthens the commitment to excellent dental health. We serve patients of all ages and are happy to schedule consecutive appointments, saving additional trips to the office.

Call Lovelace Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today. Let's start building a lifetime of good oral health together.

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At Lovelace Family Dentistry, we combine the highest quality dental care with an environment where patients will feel at home to provide the best experience possible.

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