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pediatric dentistry

At Lovelace Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer pediatric services. Our dental team is well qualified and experienced with all ages. We understand how important a calm, comfortable experience at the dentist's office is for all patients, especially the younger ones. Many dental offices that provide pediatric services exclusively can be overstimulating for young children, making it more difficult for them to have a positive experience in the dentist's chair. We are child friendly and take great care to meet the individual child at their developmental level to ensure their comfort.


Prophylactic teeth cleaning and hygiene

One of the best ways to have a child be at ease with a dental appointment is to have regular professional teeth cleaning performed. These critical appointments allow the dentist to observe any issues that may be happening at an early stage, which is the best for optimal outcomes and make a dental visit something familiar and nothing to be feared. A child who has had multiple routine visits is much more likely to associate good feelings with seeing the dentist versus a child who only considers the dentist a negative experience due to the emergency nature of the visit, such as pain from a cavity or dental trauma. We also take the time to instruct our young patients on proper brushing techniques and get a good look at how well they are doing with oral hygiene. Good habits start young; let's get them a great start to a lifetime of excellent dental health!


Despite best intentions and regular brushing, cavities can happen. Early detection of a cavity is vital; it allows the filling to be placed before more severe damage to the tooth can occur. Smaller cavities mean more straightforward and quicker treatment. Often a cavity can be found and filled long before it causes pain if routine dental appointments are maintained.

Stainless steel crowns

Sometimes a baby tooth is damaged to the degree that the best option for preserving the tooth is a stainless steel crown. It is critical to keep the baby tooth in its place until it is naturally time for it to come out, making room for the adult tooth. If the space for the adult tooth is not maintained, a host of issues can disrupt the alignment of the child's teeth, often resulting in the need for future orthodontic treatment. A stainless steel crown, commonly referred to as a silver crown, is safe and highly durable.


Kids will be kids, and that means the occasional accident.
Dental trauma can happen from sports, playground activities, or plain old horsing around. If your child has sustained a tooth injury, seek dental care ASAP.

Call the dentist immediately and take the tooth with you to your appointment if a tooth has been knocked out. Only touch the crown of the tooth, avoiding the roots. Transport the tooth in a cup of clean water or milk; keeping it moist is critical to increasing the chance of reimplanting it successfully. For an older child that will not swallow the tooth, you can rinse it gently in water and have the child hold it in their mouth between the cheek and gum. Often, a tooth can be placed back into its socket by the dentist with immediate treatment. For bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean piece of gauze. If the trauma occurs after hours and you can not reach the dentist, go to the emergency room. The chances of reimplanting the tooth diminish significantly after an hour.
For a broken tooth, locate all the pieces and bring them with you to the dentist, following the same protocol for a tooth that has been knocked out.
Injuries to baby teeth should be reported to our office immediately for further instructions.


Dental sealants have been used safely and effectively for decades to prevent cavities in children. The sealant is a barrier to protect the tooth's surface, most commonly layered on top of permanent molars. Studies show that dental sealants reduce the number of cavities by 80% in molars, which is where 9 out of 10 cavities occur, and they last for many years. That is a great reason to ask Lovelace Family Dental about dental sealants for your child today!

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At Lovelace Family Dentistry, we combine the highest quality dental care with an environment where patients will feel at home to provide the best experience possible.

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