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teeth whitening

People choose to whiten their teeth to improve their smiles. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and it’s a big confidence boost to know that your smile is the best and brightest it can be.

teeth whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening at Lovelace Family Dentistry

Over time, teeth become stained and appear less than their ideal shade of white. Smoking, drinking dark liquids such as red wine, coffee, and tea, and staining from various foods like dark berries all contribute to dimming your million-watt smile. Feeling self-conscious about the color of your teeth can affect how often you smile and negatively impact your self-esteem. Have a big presentation at work or a friend's wedding to attend? Wouldn't it feel great to smile freely, knowing your teeth are ready to dazzle? The good news is that there is a fast, easy and affordable solution to removing years of discoloration and returning your smile to its former glory. Professional teeth whitening is quick, safe, and effective. Another bonus to the turned-up wattage is whitening your teeth can shave up to ten years off your appearance in about an hour. Now that is a nice bonus!

You have undoubtedly noticed the many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available today; you can find them in most stores, from pharmacies to big box and chain stores. Why should you invest in professional services when teeth whitening can now be done at home? The answer is simple; professional results. No over-the-counter product can deliver the degree of whitening that your dentist can provide. One dental visit can whiten your teeth up to eight shades, and with proper home care, the results last for years; that is an hour well spent!

In addition to getting the best results, professional whitening services provided by the dentist ensures no damage is done to the teeth or gums. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate home whitening kits, and many products have not undergone rigorous, objective clinical testing, so the results vary wildly. Damage to teeth and gums can occur, leaving teeth sensitive and gums sore. An experienced dentist, like Dr. Lovelace, using FDA-approved professional products is your best bet for optimal whiteness without any potential pitfalls home whitening treatments carry. Professionally done whitening is also more comfortable during the process itself. There are no messy trays full of goop or strips to attempt to place on your teeth. The dentist does all the work while you sit back and relax, waiting to see your new, improved, sparkling smile.

What to expect during your appointment:

During your whitening appointment, the dentist will use a shade chart to document the current shade of your teeth and discuss how lighter your teeth may become after whitening. The dentist uses a pumice stone to remove any present plaque that would interfere with whitening. A barrier is placed to ensure the whitening agent does not touch your gums, cheeks, or tongue. You are now ready for the dentist to apply the whitening agent and let it sit for about an hour. After the allotted time, the dentist rinses off the agent and reveals results. Occasionally, the desired results are not achieved, but another application is required, but this is rare. After your teeth are brightened, the dentist will go over tips on keeping your teeth looking great. Following these tips are especially important for the first few days after whitening, as the whitening agent makes your teeth slightly dehydrated and more easily stained.

Lovelace Family Dentistry is proud to offer professional teeth whitening services to ensure our patients have the best and brightest smiles possible. Call us today to schedule your appointment for a dazzling new smile. You deserve it!

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